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One or more leaks can wreak havoc on a home in Springfield, IL quickly and unexpectedly. It often isn’t until the damage is done that it’s discovered. Responding to a leak promptly helps prevent further destruction from occurring. It saves money, too, because leaky pipes raise water bills significantly.

Most Common Places Where Leaks Occur

A damaged household item may be the cause of the leak in question. For example, if a toilet is old and cracked, it can cost more than its worth. Having it replaced with a new model increases efficiency, takes care of the leak, and improves the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Many leaks occur in the following places:

  • Showers and Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Supply Lines for Water
  • Water Heaterstrong>

Determining the source of a leak can be difficult to locate. That’s why having a professional leak detection specialist come in to find a leak is recommended. It saves time and accelerates the repair process because finding and fixing leaks can typically be done in one service visit.

Preventing Leaks from Worsening

There are ways to prevent leaks from worsening. Contacting a reputable leak repair company is the first step in most cases. Next, you’ll want to turn the water off temporarily in preparation of the technician’s visit. This step alone helps you prevent water from damaging your home and its belongings as well as keeps your utility bill from skyrocketing.

HRI Plumbing finds and fixes leaks quickly. Schedule an appointment by calling (217) 334-4545. We’ll locate the source of the problem and repair or replace the pipe causing it.

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