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Mild spring weather has arrived in Springfield, IL, which means that it’s time to get going on your seasonal cleaning and to-do list. While you can do many of these tasks on your own, it’s best to leave plumbing inspections to qualified service technicians. Here are three ways a springtime plumbing inspection gives you peace of mind.

Identify Damage from Winter Freezes

Cold winter temperatures may cause pipes to freeze. When water freezes, it takes up more space. This exerts pressure on the pipe. The pressure may cause tiny cracks to develop. Over repeated freeze and thaw cycles, those cracks could get bigger. A cracked pipe could rupture at any time, resulting in major water damage to your home. Cracked pipes are most common along exterior walls and poorly insulated areas. A professional plumbing inspection can determine if your pipes have cracks or are at risk of a sudden rupture.

Locate Areas of Corrosion

A springtime plumbing inspection allows our plumbers to locate segments of pipe that may have corrosion. Hard water, the use of harsh drain cleaning chemicals, and aging are some common causes of corrosion in metal pipes. Corrosion at the connection between a pipe and a fixture or appliance can lead to a sudden leak, so it’s important to detect this damage and replace the affected pieces of pipe as soon as possible.

Find Malfunctioning Fittings

Another common plumbing problem you may encounter is a malfunctioning fitting. Plumbing fittings connect two sizes of pipes or two segments of pipes, explains Tulsa Welding School. If the fitting warps, rusts, cracks or has its threads stripped from over-tightening, it could fail. Malfunctioning fittings often lead to chronic leaks. A springtime plumbing inspection includes finding damage to these critical plumbing components.

For more details about how a springtime plumbing inspection can give you peace of mind as a homeowner, take a look at HRI Plumbing’s plumbing services, or get in touch with our professional service technicians today.

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