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Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. That said, you probably don’t think about it unless there’s a problem. The truth is that your water heater may be struggling to meet your needs without you even realizing it. Here are some signs that you need water heater replacement services in Jacksonville, IL.

Rising Energy Bills

In most cases, your water heater runs between three and five hours a day if it uses a tank. Depending on the age of your water heater, it may take longer or require more energy to heat the water within the tank. Rising energy bills are typically a sign that your water heater is aging and needs to be replaced.

Puddles Forming Around the Water Heater

Water isn’t supposed to leak out of your water heater. If you see water forming around it, that’s a clear sign that the unit needs service of some kind. Leak detection can help you determine if the water is coming from a connection or the tank itself. If it’s coming from a connection, that can probably be repaired. Otherwise, you may need to replace the tank.

Rusty Water

When you turn on a faucet, do you notice that the water looks rusty or possibly dirty? If so, your water heater could be starting to rust from the inside. The rust would be most noticeable when you turn on the hot water. However, be careful about jumping to conclusions. The rust could be coming from other pipes, so you should have a professional check that for you.

Let Us Help You With Your Water Heater Replacement Needs

Don’t live with a water heater that struggles to meet your family’s needs. If you notice any of these signs or your water heater is just acting strange, reach out to HRI Plumbing. Our professional service technicians can repair or replace your existing equipment. Reach out to us today to learn more about our water heater repair and replacement services.

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