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If your Jacksonville, Illinois, water bills are going up, your water utility company may have increased their rates. If that’s not the case, then you might have a plumbing leak that should be addressed at once.

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks and running toilets are a common reason for high water bills. Water used by toilets represents over 25 percent of an average family’s total water bill. Therefore, a toilet leak can spike your water bill significantly. A hissing noise or the sound of running water can signal a leak. That leak could be due to a bad tank flap, problems with the seals or issues with the water line connections. You can also have a toilet leak without any telltale noises. If you suspect a toilet leak, enlist the leak detection services of a plumbing professional without delay.

Fixture Leaks

Leaky fixtures can cost you up to 20 gallons of water per day. Faucet leaks are the most common fixture leaks. You could also have a leak in your shower head, outdoor tap, hose or irrigation system. Like leaky toilets, leaky fixtures can be a quick and easy fix when you summon professional plumbing services early on.

Underground Leaks

These leaks can be difficult to detect, but they usually reveal themselves with a high water bill. You might have an underground leak if you have no fixture leaks, no toilet leaks and no changes in usage. Underground leaks can cause puddles and sinkholes to appear on your lawn or underneath your house. If you suspect an underground leak, call a professional plumbing services company immediately. Underground water leaks can be dangerous. They can also cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

At HRI Plumbing, our advanced leak detection services can single out even the smallest leak. Call us at (217) 334-4545 to learn more.

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