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How much water does your Springfield, IL home waste? According to the EPA, the average home loses about 9,400 gallons of water each year to leaks. It’s a problem that’s only made more difficult by the fact that leak detection can be surprisingly challenging.

The Problem With Plumbing Leaks

It’s hard to miss a burst pipe sending torrents of water into your basement. Fortunately, most leaks aren’t quite so dramatic. Of course, that also means most plumbing leaks are far less apparent. After all, plumbing systems are usually routed through areas that are out of the way. A leak behind a wall or inside a crawlspace may not be apparent for quite some time. Water seeping out underneath your slab, in your backyard, or near your supply line may go unnoticed for even longer.

Uncovering Leaks in Your Home

Discovering a leak often requires real vigilance and attentiveness. Identify where pipes are routed through your home and check these areas occasionally for signs of water intrusion. This includes staining or discoloration, dampness, musty smells, visible organic growth, and pooling moisture. You may also notice an unexplained spike in your water bills. The best way to confirm a leak, however, is to observe your water meter. Shut off all the water in your home and check to see if your meter is still moving. If so, you’ve likely got a leak in your plumbing.

Call the Plumbing Service Pros

In the end, there’s often little you can do to address potential leaks on your own. Even confirming a leak exists can be tricky. Locating and fixing it usually requires proper tools and expertise. Fortunately, experienced plumbing technicians can make short work of most leaks. In addition to locating and repairing isolated problems, technicians can also assess the integrity of your entire plumbing system. If your older copper or galvanized pipes are deteriorating, repiping your home may be a smart investment.

Don’t let your plumbing system waste water and drive up your monthly water bills. If you suspect you have a leak, explore HRI Plumbing’s expert leak detection or call 217-334-4545 for speedy plumbing service.

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