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Plumbing issues are not fun for anyone. For this reason, it’s important to recognize signs of an impending sewer line repair before a small problem turns into a costly fix. If you noticed any of the five signs below in your Jacksonville, IL, home, then it might be time to contact your qualified plumbing service team.

Unusual Smells

Is there a strong sewage odor coming from your drains, in your backyard, or your basement? This is one of the most common red flags that indicate you might need a sewer line repair. A putrid sewage smell anywhere in your home isn’t normal and delaying to call a qualified expert can turn an easy fix into a more extensive repair.

Gurgling Noises

Odd gurgling noises coming from your bathtub drains or toilet is a sign that your sewer line needs to be inspected by a professional. Your plunger might help put a pin in the issue, but it won’t be a long-time fix, and the problem is likely to come back worse.

Low Water Level in Your Toilet

Are the water levels in your toilet strangely inconsistent? This can mean multiple things for a clog to needing sewer line repair. Our qualified plumbing service team can analyze the problem and ensure it’s fixed properly.

Spikes in Your Water Bill

If you start to notice an unlikely increase in your water bills, but you haven’t changed your habits like the number of laundry loads a week or length of showers, then this might indicate a leak in your sewer line. A plumbing expert can assess and fix the problem to prevent water waste and an expensive monthly water bill.

Drains are Slow to Empty

Whene showers, toilets, and sinks start to drain slowly, it’s never a good sign. A professional assessment will help identify the problem before a small repair turns into a significant, costly replacement.

Our team of experts at HRI Plumbing are trained to provide you with a variety of qualified plumbing services. Learn more about our sewer line solutions here or by contacting our team today.

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