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Have you ever jumped in your shower at the beginning or end of the day only to find that something isn’t quite right? Here are a few telltale signs that you might have a faulty shower valve in your home.

Trouble Turning the Handle

Do you have difficulty turning on your shower? Something as simple as resistance when you turn the handle could indicate the valve is misaligned, which might be caused by damage or corrosion. This could be the first sign of a larger problem.

Unexpected Temperature Changes

Most of us have our perfect, preferred shower temperature, so even a small change in temperature is going to be immediately noticeable. Sudden changes in temperature can be caused by a buildup of lime inside the shower valve, or just by natural wear and tear over time as you use the shower. Either way, if this happens consistently, it may be time for plumbing repairs.

Loss of Water Pressure

There are few things worse than having the water slow to a trickle right before it’s time to rinse. As with changes in temperature, sudden changes in pressure or an overall loss of pressure can be a result of wear and tear on the shower valve. Pressure problems can also be the result of a clog or wear and tear on internal components of the valve.

Shower Head Leaks

Leaks or dripping can indicate that the shower valve no longer has a proper seal to shut off the shower completely. A leak is a significant problem that can lead to damage to your bathroom over time.

Remember, plumbing problems don’t just fix themselves. If you have a faulty shower valve, you need to have professional plumbing repairs done promptly in order to avoid further damage. For more information, check out our plumbing services or call (217) 334-4545.

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