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It’s not uncommon to see grand old homes in the Springfield, Illinois, area. These aging structures are often beautiful, but hidden problems may lurk inside. One particular problem is deteriorating water pipes that simply can’t be fixed by routine plumbing services. Most homes that are more than 50 years old are in need of a whole home re-pipe. Even if your home is newer, the following warning signs may indicate that you need your pipe system replaced.

Low or Inconsistent Water Pressure

Does your home suffer from inadequate water pressure? Does the pressure fluctuate significantly depending on which fixtures are being used? Both of these signs are typical of homes that have failing water pipes. A malfunctioning pipe system may also cause issues with frequent clogs and disruptions in the wastewater system.

Discolored or Odorous Water

It may seem obvious, but water that is cloudy, rust-colored or just plain foul-smelling is a bad sign. This often indicates that your pipes have rusted or corroded on the inside. They may even be leaching lead or other compounds into your water, which can potentially be hazardous. Since this usually indicates a widespread issue, a whole home re-pipe is the best way to address this problem.

Frequent Leaks

Even a relatively new home may experience a leak on occasion. If you’ve noticed frequent leaks throughout your home, however, it’s probably time for a re-piping. Experiencing leaks in multiple areas is a good sign that the entire pipe system is in need of attention. Plumbing services can attempt to make the needed repairs, but it’s often better long-term to start anew.

Some water pipe issues simply can’t be fixed through routine maintenance and repairs. If you’ve noticed any of the issues above, it may be time to consider a full re-piping. To learn more about whether this option is right for you, explore HRI Plumbing’s whole home re-pipe services or contact 217-334-4545 today.

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