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Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or making extensive repairs to your home’s plumbing, you’ll have to choose from different kinds of plumbing materials. Professional re-piping services for your home are a big investment, and you’ll need information in order to make an informed and confident decision that you’ll be happy with for a long time. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of using different kinds of plumbing materials in your Jacksonville, IL home.


Copper is the gold-standard for plumbing materials. Its long lifespan makes it a good investment. It resists rust and corrosion. Bacteria don’t thrive in copper pipes, so your water will be healthy and clean. It easily handles extreme temperature changes. Bear in mind that copper is expensive. Copper is mined, so there are some environmental risks with its use.


PVC is an affordable material. It resists rust and corrosion, making it a good choice for homes with hard water. It’s light, yet it can handle high water pressure. Another advantage of PVC is there’s no solder or other lead-containing materials. This is especially important because lead in drinking water puts children at risk of lead poisoning, explains the Environmental Protection Agency. However, PVC can warp or melt if exposed to heat. It’s bulky, so it might not work well in tight spaces.


Cross-linked polyethylene, also called PEX, is a newer type of plumbing material. It’s often used in newly-built and large homes. It’s flexible and accommodates long runs. Different sections are clamped together, making installation fast and simple. Some people notice an unpleasant taste or odor from water in PEX pipes, which is worse if the water sits in the pipes for a while. In addition to these options, CPVC, polypropylene and galvanized steel may work well in your home. An experienced plumber may recommend a particular material based on your home’s age, structure, water type and other factors.

To learn more about the types of plumbing materials used for re-piping, take a look at HRI Plumbing’s professional re-piping services, or call us today.

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