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Most people in don’t consider the importance of their toilet until something prevents it from working properly. However, as soon as it clogs up or stops flushing, the entire household will instantly become highly inconvenienced. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your toilet to stop working altogether before you get it repaired or replaced. Instead, you merely need to take action as soon as you start noticing the warning signs of a toilet nearing the end of its life cycle.

Cracks in the Bowl or Tank

You may need a toilet replacement even if the unit still handles all of its primary functions without any difficulty. Keep an eye out for water accumulating behind or around the base of the toilet. If a simple leak has already been ruled out, water near the toilet could be a sign that the tank or bowl is cracked. Be sure to ask an expert plumber if the crack can be repaired or if it’s time for a new toilet.

The Toilet Frequently Overflows

Everyone’s toilet will overflow occasionally. In mild cases, a plunger will fix the problem. Alternatively, you may need to get professional assistance to clear up a serious clog. But when occasional issues turn into taking a plunger to the toilet on a regular basis, it’s most likely a sign that you need a toilet replacement.

Built-Up Mineral Deposits

The city of Taylorville and the entire state of Illinois has issues with water hardness. Despite the addition of water softeners, it’s still common for mineral deposits to build up inside the siphon tube and inlet holes. Over time, these deposits can become too thick for removal. Unless you replace your toilet, you’ll have to deal with inefficient water flow.

Are you unsure whether or not you need a new toilet? Our team of expert plumbers can help! Visit our toilet repair and installation services page to learn more or call us at (217) 334-4545.

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