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This year’s home plumbing trends emphasize efficiency, convenience and functionality. Two of the latest and most innovative trends that are capturing the imagination of today’s homeowners and helping them create highly practical home engineering strategies, are functional sinks and tankless water heaters. These two complementary household products are transforming modern homes in Jacksonville, IL and elsewhere into centers of practical beauty and comfort.

Functional Sinks: The Marriage of Beauty & Practicality

Today’s functional sinks are well-designed, offering such practical advantages as the following:

  • Greater choice of sink size, shape, color, design and material
  • Optional accessories such as colanders, utensil trays, cutting boards and built-in drying racks
  • Heat-proof, scratch resistant and acid resistant surfaces
  • Wider variety of style choices, including single- and double-basin sinks, farmhouse sinks, trough sinks and undermount sinks
  • More innovative sink materials such as granite, copper, and concrete — along with the ever-popular stainless steel and the still-classic porcelain or enameled cast iron
  • Attractive designs that add beauty, personality and style to your kitchen decor

Tankless Water Heaters: An Energy-Saving Innovation

Tankless water heaters are a 21st-century water-heating option that provides today’s busy, active families with hot water on demand, heating it as it’s being used. Since this innovative water-heating technology doesn’t store heated water inside a water tank, it requires less space, uses less energy, is usually easier to install and costs less to operate and maintain.

These units also boast a longer lifespan than conventional water heaters, and therefore, generally offer a longer warranty. This impressive lineup of advantages is what’s driving the rising popularity of this cost-effective state-of-the-art water-heating option.

If you’re thinking of replacing your water heater or remodeling your kitchen and you’d like to learn more about these exciting new home renovation trends that are catching the fancy of smart homeowners all across the country, call HRI Plumbing at (217) 334-4545. Our experts would be happy to help you determine how viable these 21st century innovations might be for your home.

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