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You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the drains in your Springfield, IL, home. However, you’ll quickly notice when the drains aren’t working properly. Professional water jetting services are an effective method for removing all sorts of obstructions from your home’s drain lines. Here are three things to expect when you have hydro jetting done on your home’s drain pipes.

Less Odors

Slow drains allow grease, proteins and waste products to break down. As they break down, they release foul odors that make their way up the drains and through your whole plumbing system. When you have these obstructions cleared with hydro jetting, you won’t have to deal with these foul odors.

Faster Drainage

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, residential sewer lines may be obstructed with grease, fats, hair, soap and other household waste products. These obstructions make the drains slow. You might notice that your sinks, shower or bathtub take a long time to empty. When you use a lot of water, such as when washing a load of laundry, all the water could take hours to fully drain. Water jetting clears the buildup from the drainpipe, allowing the wastewater to quickly pass through the pipes and go into the city sewer system.

Avoid Sewage Backup

If your home’s drain becomes completely clogged, the wastewater can’t go anywhere. It will come back up through your home’s fixtures. Sewage and wastewater backups are health hazards. The dirty water can also damage your home. Water jetting prevents these stinky and messy sewage backups. The powerful stream of water breaks up grease, hair, tree roots, and mineral scale that builds up in drain pipes. If your home has experienced a sewage backup in the past, we recommend preventive water jetting once per year in order to prevent a recurrence.

To learn more about how water jetting works, check out HRI Plumbing’s expert plumbing services, or call us today for additional details.

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