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Are you planning a home remodeling project like a bathroom or kitchen remodel at your Jacksonville, IL, home? If so, make sure that you include a professional plumber when scheduling remodeling services to eliminate unnecessary stress and ensure your project is water-tight.

Plumbers Have Proper Training — You Don’t

You might think replacing a kitchen faucet or installing a new toilet isn’t a big deal, but any time plumbing is involved in a remodel, you need a licensed plumber. Plumbers have valuable industry experience that the average person doesn’t have. They didn’t learn how to install pipes and drains by watching a YouTube video. They have thousands of hours of formal education and experience to guarantee proper installation of plumbing parts to ensure unexpected damage.

Plumbers know which materials work best and always use quality products. It can be tempting to purchase materials yourself to save money. However, cheaper materials cause problems. Working with a plumber often gets you better materials at a discount!

Plumbers Can Identify Potential Problems

Remodeling jobs often uncover hidden problems. These can include plumbing issues like broken sewer pipes, leaky water lines, and galvanized pipes. Knowing a plumbing issue exists from the get-go eliminates costly surprises. A plumber can spot potential problems and troubleshoot with you to make sure these problems get resolved for a worry-free remodel.

Permitted Jobs Require Professionally Installed Plumbing

Another reason to include a plumber in the remodeling process is to comply with municipal building codes. Major bathroom and kitchen remodeling jobs require permits. The permits specify that a licensed plumber must perform all plumbing installations, especially when it involves opening up walls or repiping. If you don’t hire a plumber, you could get penalized, and the city might not sign off on the remodel. You might have to hire a plumber to inspect your work, and if it’s not done according to code, have the work redone, which will end up costing you more.

Before you begin your remodel, make sure you have a professional plumber on board. Contact HRI Plumbing and ask us about our plumbing remodeling services.

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