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Sewer Line Repair, Replacement & Cleaning Services in Springfield, Jacksonville, Rushville, IL & Surrounding Areas

A broken sewer line must be quickly addressed, since it can cause extensive property damage and create a serious health hazard. These projects can be costly, so it’s important to hire a plumbing contractor who is familiar with the latest repair and replacement products and techniques. The pros at HRI plumbing know how to find the least expensive way to restore your sewer line or septic tank service without compromising on quality.
sewer line repair

Common Signs of a Sewer Line Breakdown

If you suspect you have a sewer pipe problem, you probably do. Tree roots can cause the system to back up, and sewage can bubble up to the surface of your property. Here are a few common signs that indicate you may have a broken sewer pipe:

  • Low water level in your toilets
  • Bathtubs and showers drain slowly
  • Odd gurgling noises coming from your toilets
  • Sewage backed up in your toilet, tub or sink
  • Strong sewer odor coming from the drains in your house

Sewer Line Repair

Our plumbing experts will assess the damage to your sewer pipes and devise the most cost-effective way to restore your sewer system to full functionality.

  • Cleaning: In some instances, a thorough sewer line cleaning using our power rodding or hydro-jet system will clear the problem clogs and obstructions.
  • Bursting: In situations where the pipes are severely damaged, we can pull a new sewer pipe through the old one. Hydraulics can be used to break apart certain sections of the pipe, and new seamless pipe can be used to replace the broken sections.

Sewer Line Replacement

Sometimes, the damage to a sewer pipe is severe enough that a repair isn’t feasible. Fortunately, HRI Plumbing offers trenchless repair services that are far less costly and invasive than traditional methods. An industrial grade epoxy resin is pumped into the existing pipe and cures into a hard, durable material that seals all the cracks and leaks.

If the piping is so damaged that it must be removed, we’ll conduct hydraulic pressure and pipe leak tests to determine the best way to replace the pipe while minimizing the damage to your property. All of our excavations are conducted in a sanitary and safe manner by properly trained and certified technicians.

Complete Sewer Repair and Restoration Services

If you have an issue with your Jacksonville, Springfield, New Berlin, Pleasant Plains, Rushville, IL or surrounding area sewer system, call one of our representatives today. We’ll find the problem and design the most cost-effective solution available.

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