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You probably take your toilets for granted, but if they malfunction, you’ll quickly understand just how important these appliances really are. Toilet problems can become a major inconvenience for your family and guests. If your toilets aren’t working properly, call the experts from HRI Plumbing.
Hri Toilet Repair And Installation

Toilet Repair

Over time, our plumbing technicians have encountered every toilet issue imaginable. When you call us, we’ll repair your toilet right the first time. Here are some of the most common toilet problems we encounter on a daily basis:

  • Running toilet: After you flush your toilet, you may hear the water running without ever shutting off. This means your toilet is probably leaking. Water is being drained through the overflow tube, which can waste many of gallons of fresh water every day. These leaks are usually caused by a faulty flush valve assembly, damaged flapper or a corroded pipe.
  • Toilet clogs: Nearly everyone has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of flushing the toilet and watching as the water continues to rise until it spills out of the bowl. This condition is almost always caused by a clog or obstruction. While some clogs can be cleared with a plunger, serious obstructions require the services of a trained professional plumber.
  • Cracked porcelain: Hairline fractures in the toilet bowl or tank can spread and eventually result in a flood of water onto your bathroom floor. Check your toilet periodically for leaks and cracks in the porcelain. If you see a crack, it’s a good idea to replace the toilet immediately before the appliance fails completely.

Toilet Installation and Replacement

In some instances, a toilet may have sustained too much damage to justify repairing it. If your toilet needs to be replaced, we can schedule a new toilet installation with a model that has all the latest features and conveniences. A toilet has to be professionally installed to ensure it’s fastened tightly and sealed properly. The pipes must be attached with the appropriate connections to prevent future issues. At HRI Plumbing, every toilet is installed to meet all local and national building codes.

Older toilets are very inefficient, and they may be costing you hundreds of dollars each year in wasted water. Toilets made before 1994 have a gallons-per-flush rate that is twice the rate of new low-flow toilets. While using less water, newer toilets flush with greater velocity, so the elimination rate is actually superior to the old technology. If it’s time to upgrade your dated toilet to an attractive, new efficient model, call HRI Plumbing today.

The Toilet Installation and Repair Specialists

Whether you need toilet replacement, repair or installation, call HRI Plumbing. One of our representatives will answer all your questions and arrange a convenient appointment for repair or installation service for your Jacksonville, Springfield, New Berlin, Pleasant Plains, Rushville, IL and the surrounding area home or business.

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