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Originally published in June 2018

The best kind of basement is a dry basement. Anyone who lives in a low-lying area knows how easy it is for water to infiltrate after heavy rain. Fortunately, a sump pump installation can solve almost any amount of groundwater flooding in your home.

Flood-Prone Areas

There are FEMA-designated flood zones, but there are many other low-lying areas that present many of the same design challenges. Even if you don’t live in an official flood zone, a nearby stream or lake can swell after a storm The problem with groundwater flooding is that the first sign that something is wrong is a foot of water in your basement. A sump pump will help prevent this.

Basic Designs

Sump pump installations combine three main components:

  • A sump pit or basin
  • The pump itself
  • A drain leading outside

The sump pit sits in your basement floor and becomes the lowest spot in your house, and because water flows downhill, it will quickly collect in the basin. You can also install a separate drain system in your yard around your home’s foundation to collect water before it enters your home.

The pump will automatically turn on when the basin fills to a certain level. Chances are that your sump pump system isn’t connected to a municipal sewage system. Those systems are designed to handle wastewater from toilets and showers, so a heavy storm could overwhelm them. Therefore, most sump pumps drain back out into the yard.

Putting that Water to Use

Instead of sending that water into your yard, you can use it for landscaping. Similar to rain collection systems. A sump pump barrel can collect water for irrigation, which can reduce your water bill. Because they’re pretty easy and inexpensive to install, consider installing one of these barrels the next time you need a sump pump repair.

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