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Do you need well pump repairs at your home? It can be challenging to know when to call for service. Here are some common problems that qualified service technicians in Springfield, IL should always check out.

The Pump Is Making Noise

Well pumps make noises when they operate, and you’re probably very familiar with these sounds because they can be quite loud. However, if the well pump makes unusual sounds that grab your attention, don’t dismiss them. The following is a short list of some of the most common sounds and what they mean:

  • Banging: A pump that makes a banging sound when turning on and off is likely the result of water hammer.
  • Clicking: When the pressure control switch clicks, this can indicate a stuck relay, or the unit could be short-cycling.
  • Thumping: The pump’s relay switch could be failing, or there could be loose piping that’s moving around in the well.
  • Humming: A seizing motor can cause this sound, but so can a malfunctioning start/run capacitor on its last leg.

Sounds caused by water hammer aren’t serious. However, if your well pump makes any of the other sounds mentioned above, you need to have the pump inspected by a qualified technician.

The Pump Runs Constantly

Well pumps will run nonstop when they can’t pump water efficiently. Sometimes this happens because the suction line has sprung a leak. Another reason the pump does this is that it’s short-cycling, meaning it’s turning on and off so frequently that it seems like it’s running all the time. It’s incredibly important to figure out why the pump’s running nonstop to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the pump and extend its lifespan. Additionally, a pump that runs too much will send your utility bills skyrocketing.

Water Pressure Changes

If you’re having problems with fluctuating water pressure, well pump repairs are likely needed. A mechanical problem could exist, or there could be a leak in the pump. A qualified service technician can determine the cause to make the required repairs. Give HRI Plumbing a call today and let us know how we can help.

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