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Water heaters work silently behind the scenes, supplying homes in Jacksonville, IL, with consistent hot water. If your home’s water heater breaks down, it becomes difficult to do everyday things like showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry. When you experience water heating problems, don’t attempt DIY repairs. Instead, contact a qualified service technician to help you resolve these common water heater repair issues.

No Hot Water

Several problems can cause a lack of hot water, such as a faulty heating element and power disturbances. Gas water heaters can experience water heating issues when they have a faulty gas connection or the pilot light’s gone out. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause heating issues.

Leaking Water Heater

A leaky water heater can have you fearing the worst, that you need to replace the appliance. While this is a possibility, especially if the tank leaks from the bottom, numerous issues can cause leaks that don’t require water heater replacement. These leaks include:

  • Pressure valve failure
  • Loose drain valve
  • Loose inlet or outlet connections

No matter where the leak comes from, you want to get the situation evaluated ASAP. Leaky water heaters can do more damage to the house, resulting in water damage.

Slow Recovery

Does your water heater take too long to reheat? Some problems that contribute to this problem include:

  • Incorrect thermostat setting
  • Poor gas pressure
  • Dirty vent flue
  • Dirty burner

Some of the above-mentioned problems can be solved with a thorough cleaning, but don’t do it yourself. Contact a qualified service technician for expert troubleshooting. They have the expertise to diagnose problems and make precise, long-lasting repairs.

Hiring a licensed professional is always the best way to address water heater repair issues. You have peace of mind the problem was diagnosed and repaired right the first time. Most professional services also come with parts and labor warranties. If you need water heater repair, contact HRI Plumbing and let one of our qualified service technicians help you.

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