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The drains in your Pleasant Plains, IL, home are critical to almost every task you do. A clogged drain is frustrating and smelly, and it can lead to major plumbing problems. Read on to learn how you can help prevent clogged drains by being mindful of what you put down them.

Collect Grease Before Washing Dishes

According to Family Handyman, one of the worst things you can put down the drain is grease. Warm grease runs down the drain as a liquid, but it quickly cools. It then solidifies in your pipe. The sticky, thick grease traps other particles. Before you know it, your kitchen sink will be clogged. Instead of pouring grease down the drain, collect it in an aluminum can or glass jar, then dispose of it in the trash.

Catch Hair in the Shower

When you shower, loose hairs get washed into the drain. Hairballs as big as a mouse can collect in the bathtub or shower drain, making a thick clog. The resulting pressure could lead to a burst pipe. Use a strainer in the bathtub or shower drain. The strainer catches the hairs as well as fuzz and lint. Clean the strainer after each bath or shower. There are metal mesh and silicone strainers available at hardware stores or online.

Only Flush Human Waste and TP

It’s tempting to use the toilet as a wastebasket. However, flushing menstrual care products, many tissues, paper towels, wrappers, sponges, personal care products, diapers, or wipes will quickly clog the toilet. Keep a wastebasket next to your toilet. Only use the toilet for flushing human waste.

Use a Compost Bin

When preparing food in the kitchen, don’t dump the peels, ends, and bad parts down the sink. Food waste will cause clogged drains. Instead, use a compost bin for food waste.

For more information about how to prevent clogged drains, take a look at HRI Plumbing’s professional plumbing services, or call us today.

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