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Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom –

Professional plumbing services should play a critical role in your next bathroom remodeling project. Painting the walls and updating the tile may give your Jacksonville, IL bathroom a fresh appearance, but no bathroom is complete without healthy pipes and fixtures. From the toilet and sink to the bathtub and hidden plumbing components, there’s a lot to think about when improving your bathroom.

Go Tankless

How much room does your water heater take up in your bathroom? If it’s located in a closet or corner, then you can save a lot of space by installing a tankless water heater as part of your remodel. Our professionals can handle the installation quickly, leaving you to decide how to fill the new space.

We can also look at your bathroom and help you find other ways to save space and get the most out of your remodeling project. Our professional plumbing services are designed for efficiency and affordability.

Check for Leaks

Small leaks in your bathroom aren’t always easy to detect. They can degrade the floors and walls, and can even lead to health risks. If left unattended for months or years, leaks will eventually lead to an expensive repair bill.

Take advantage of your bathroom remodeling project to check for leaks. You’ll protect your new flooring and walls while identifying components of your plumbing system that need to be replaced. Remodels aren’t just about surface appeal.

Upgrade to Water-Saving Fixtures

If you have an older toilet, shower, bathtub, or faucet, make upgrades a part of your bathroom remodeling project. You can save thousands of gallons of water in the years to come, and that translates to hundreds of dollars in savings. More than half of the water utilized by your household comes from the bathroom, and a remodel is the perfect opportunity to conserve.

To incorporate leak detection and other professional plumbing services into your bathroom remodel, call us at (217) 334-4545.

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