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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

If you are experiencing an emergency, please review the following guide while you are awaiting repair services from our company. We have listed several of the most common scenarios that lead to requests for service calls.

  1. Problems with Your Sink or Lavatory
  2. Problems with Your Toilet
  3. Water Heater Problems
  4. Bathtub and Shower Problems
  5. Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Problem
  6. Washing Machine Problem
  7. Miscellaneous Problems
  8. Water Filter Problems

Problems with Your Sink or Lavatory

Plumbing Problem: My sink drains very slowly, backs up or overflows.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Stop using your sink and try to clear the obstruction with a force cup. If necessary, turn off the water supply valves below your sink.

Probable Cause: You may have a blocked drain.

Permanent Solution: Contact us to fix your sink or lavatory using the proper tools and equipment.

Plumbing Problem: My faucet drips when it is shut off or it won’t turn off all the way.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: You should locate the water supply valves on your sink and turn them to the off position.

Probable Cause: The stems in your faucet may be deteriorating. This is evident when washers, “o” rings or cartridges become worn out or broken.

Permanent Solution: The worn parts in your sink need to be replaced, and all of its mechanisms should be checked. You may want to consider replacing your faucets if they are old or inefficient.

Plumbing Problem: My sink is holding water.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Try looking down your drain to see if you spot hair or any other foreign matter. If you do, remove it from the drain if possible.

Probable Cause: The pop-up drain or basket strainer in your sink or lavatory has worn down and become inefficient. The problem may also be caused by a loose lift rod connection.

Permanent Solution: The hair and soap scum should be removed as soon as possible. Next, the assembly nut connecting the waste mechanism to the lavatory drain should be tightened. If the waste assembly or basket strainer is inefficient, they should be replaced with new equipment.

Plumbing Problem: There is a leak under my fixture drain at the “P” trap.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: For moderate problems, place a receptacle under the drain or the “P” trap in order to prevent damage to the cabinet. In severe cases, stop using the fixture as a means of plumbing repair.

Probable Cause: Your fixture drain has been neglected or is showing signs of age.

Permanent Solution: This is a simple repair that can be fixed by simply replacing the drain or “P” traps.

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Problems with Your Toilet

Plumbing Problem: My toilet overflows.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: The first thing you need to do is locate the water supply valve on the toilet and switch if to the off position. It is very important that you not try to flush the toilet again. For water that is already on the ground, soak it up with several dry towels. Before you try any plumbing repair solutions, place your bathroom rugs and other objects in another location. You may wish to try using a plunger.

Probable cause: There is most likely a septic tank problem or an obstruction in your toilet or sewer line.

Permanent Solution: Your septic tank should be pumped out by a professional, and/or your toilet and sewer should be cleaned.

Plumbing Problem: My toilet has a very weak flush or doesn’t flush at all.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Try pouring a bucket of water into the toilet bowl to clear the bowl and stimulate flushing.

Probable Cause: The parts in your toilet tank may have become worn due to a build-up of foreign matter around the flushing rim.

Permanent Solution: The adjustment mechanism needs to be fixed for a permanent plumbing repair solution. If we can’t fix your toilet, you will have to replace it with a new one.

Plumbing Problem: My toilet won’t shut off or runs for long periods of time.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Try opening the lid of the toilet tank to see if the flapper is seated over the drain properly. If it’s not, turn off the water supply valve.

Probable Cause: Your toilet’s ball cock, flapper or other parts are likely very worn.

Permanent Solution: HRI Plumbing offers a toilet tune-up special that will fix this problem. This complete plumbing repair kit includes a new ball cock, flapper, supply connection and leak test.

Plumbing Problem: My toilet turns on by itself.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Look inside the tank to ensure the ball cock isn’t stuck on something.

Probable Cause: Your ball cock or flapper is probably defective.

Permanent Solution: This plumbing problem can also be fixed by requesting the toilet tune-up special, which entitles you to a replacement ball cock and flapper.

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Water Heater Problems

Plumbing Problem: My water heater leaks or shows signs of condensation.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: You should turn off the water supply valve, power supply or gas supply to your water heater.

Probable Cause: There may be a hole in the tank of your water heater or it may be leaking.

Permanent Solution: You may need to replace your entire water heater or at least its broken parts.

Plumbing Problem: I can’t get any hot water, or the hot water doesn’t last very long.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Locate the circuit breaker in your home and make sure the switch is set to the on position.

Probable Cause: Your thermostat or heating element(s) may be damaged due to power surges or lightning strikes.

Permanent Solution: You may need to replace your thermostat, replace the heating element or have your hot water heater checked.

Plumbing Problem: My hot water system has very low water pressure.

Temporary Solution: Check your water supply valve and make sure that it is open all the way.

Probable Cause: The hot or cold connections to your water heater may be blocked.

Permanent Solution: You may need to replace your water heater’s plumbing connections.

Plumbing Problem: My hot water faucets have a foul odor coming from them.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: If you must use your hot water, do so sparingly.

Probable Cause: There may be an accumulation of iron bacteria in your water heater due to a chemical reaction between it and the anode rod.

Permanent Solution: Your water heater should be professionally flushed and disinfected. You may also need the anode rod replaced.

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Bathtub and Shower Problems

Plumbing Problem: My shower or bathtub drains too slowly.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: To conserve water, use the tub or shower only if absolutely necessary.

Probable Cause: You most likely have an accumulation of soap scum and hair built-up in your drain.

Permanent Solution: Your drain will need to be cleaned out, or it may need to be replaced entirely.

Plumbing Problem: When I use my wash machine or flush the toilet, water backs up into my shower or bathtub.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: You should stop using fixtures and contact us for service right away.

Probable Cause: When water backs up like this, it indicates major blockage somewhere within your system.

Permanent Solution: You may need to have your main drain cleared out or your septic system checked.

Plumbing Problem: The head on my shower drips or leaks.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Check your faucets and make sure they are turned off tightly.

Probable Cause: The washer, seats, “O” ring or cartridge is worn by age.

Permanent Solution: You should replace these parts as soon as possible.

Plumbing Problem: There is water on the floor after I bathe or use the shower.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: You should only use your shower or bathtub if absolutely necessary.

Probable Cause: The drain under the tub or shower pan maybe broken. It’s also possible there is no grout in the tile.

Permanent Solution: You may need to replace your shower pan or tub drain, as well as re-grout the tile.

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Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Problem

Plumbing Problem: My garbage disposal won’t turn on when I flip the switch.

Temporary Plumbing Problem Solution: Look under the sink for the reset button and press it. You may also want to check your circuit breaker.

Probable Cause: Your garbage disposal may be jammed or it could be overly worn.

Permanent Solution: Contact us about replacing your garbage disposal. We frequently run monthly specials on sales and installation of new units.

Plumbing Problem: When I turn on my garbage disposal, it makes very loud noises.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: You should stop using your garbage disposal and scrape unwanted food into the garbage can instead.

Probable Cause: The bearings or blades may be worn out or broken. You may have also dropped a foreign object into your garbage disposal.

Permanent Solution: Make sure the garbage disposal is shut off and investigate to see if there is a foreign object in it. If not, your unit may need to be replaced.

Plumbing Problem: There is a bad odor coming from my garbage disposal.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Drop a tray of ice cubes into your garbage disposal and allow the unit to run until the ice cubes have melted. You should flush the sink with cold water after that.

Probable Cause: Food that has not been properly disposed of may be preventing the unit from operating efficiently.

Permanent Solution: Our company offers a complete garbage disposal maintenance package that consists of deodorizing, disinfecting and degreasing the blades. We then make sure they are completely clean before replacing them.

Plumbing Problem: When I run my dishwasher, the garbage disposal, sink or drain backs up with water.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: You will need to stop using the dishwasher until you can fix the problem.

Probable Cause: There may be blockage caused by a foreign object or the garbage disposal may be filled with food that did not get broken down appropriately.

Permanent Solution: Turn your garbage disposal on and run it until everything is clear. You should then request an appointment with our company to have your drain cleaned.

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Washing Machine Problem

Plumbing Problem: When I do a load of laundry, it takes too long for the basin to fill with water.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Locate your intake valves and make sure that nothing is preventing them from working.

Probable Cause: There is a clog in the hoses of your washing machine.

Permanent Solution: The hoses will need to be removed from your washing machine and the screens will have to be cleaned.

Plumbing Problem: I have a flooded floor every time I use the washing machine.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Stop using the washing machine, and turn off the valves behind it.

Probable Cause: Your washing machine hose is likely defective. You may also have a blocked drain.

Permanent Solution: Consider having the drain professionally cleaned and replacing both hoses.

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Miscellaneous Problems

Plumbing Problem: It sounds like a hammer is banging whenever I turn off some of my appliances.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Try to block out the sound.

Probable Cause: The water in your fixtures is trying to compress itself, but this is not possible. The air chambers are probably blocking the flow of water, so you hear a loud noise instead.

Permanent Solution: Contact our company to have new air chambers installed in your water lines or water heater. We will place the air chambers under a vanity, so they are easy to access whenever you have a problem with noise.

Plumbing Problem: I hear water going through my pipes, but I can’t see anything and I have shut off all sources of water.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: This could be a dangerous situation, so you are advised to contact us for help at once.

Probable Cause: There is likely a leak under the slab of your house.

Permanent Solution: We will need to locate the source of the leak and correct it. To prevent the problem from reoccurring, we may recommend that you replace the entire piping system in your home. This procedure may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Water Filter Problems

Plumbing Problem: The flow from my water filter is too slow or non-existent.

Temporary Plumbing Repair Solution: Turn off the valves on your water filter.

Probable Cause: Your cartridge or filter media is probably blocked.

Permanent Solution: Your filtering media or cartridge will need to be replaced.

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